What we are:
We are the distant descendants of the First Born, the countless cells born of its subdivision. Our voices are the echoes of its own voice, sounding down the ages. Our souls are like unto its soul and our flesh was made from its ashes.


Before the White Day, the embryonic identity was limitless and motionless. The great dream, as it came to be known, encapsulated everything, and nothing existed outside it. The echoes of subconscious voice of the First Born spread throughout the world, never to fade out. Then these echoes started to resonate with one another and the vision condensed, until it reached a critical mass. Thus awoke the First Born.


The awakening initiated the process of division of the mother cell. As the First Born gazed upon the world, its identity was fragmented into two distinct entities, two faceless individuals, similar but independent from one another. This process went on endlessly, until the characters the First Born had seen in its dreams came to life. They all spoke in the same voice, which was the voice of the First Born. Our fathers started to dream in turn, just as we did after them. Thus was the great dream perpetuated in rippling waves, from generation to generation. This is how the soul of the great organism thriving in the depths of the world was born.


We are fragmentary aspects of the original identity, scattered in the dream ripples, the great, undifferentiated collective subconsciousness of the Womb. Reality as we perceive it, as the hypostasis of the one dream, is getting more and more complex under the influence of our multiple dream. The great crowd is a wheel made up of a thousand concentric circles in perpetual motion, whose periphery is formed by the recent generations, and the axis by the First Born.


What we believe:

We believe in the metastatic proliferation of truth, in the advent of universal awareness through ideological contamination. We believe we must reach communion to find the source of the process and recreate the original vision. We are the custodians of an ancient dream whose bearer passed away thousands of years ago, but whose breath we still perceive, in the silence between heartbeats. In us all, in our gathered multitude, resides the memory of the old world.


We must forget everything. Forget the world, forget ourselves and forget the illusion of being individuals, for we only exist together. We must return to the initial state, when men had no face and dreamed together. Then reality as we know it will perish with us, and the womb will crack open like an egg. Thus will the First Born awake once again, and set his gaze on a new world, cleansed of all its filth.