Nihil is a french artist living in Norway. Inspired by sacred texts, personal experiences, religious and psychedelic art, his work is a reflection on transcendence, identity and individuality. He depicts modern saints and martyrs losing their humanity to drown in divine serenity. He illustrates the sanctification processus through and beyond suffering and sickness.

Three personal exhibitions have been dedicated to his work in Paris, Berlin and Dublin. He participated in more than thirty collective art shows around the world along with artists like David Lynch, Marilyn Manson, Ernst Fuchs, H.R. Giger, Alejandro Jodorowsky etc. His work is featured in two museums in France and Italy. His first artbook has been published in 2016. He worked with The Royal Shakespeare Compagny, C215, Amenra, Raison d’Être, Daria Endresen, Leprous, In Slaughter Natives, Brooke Shaden and many more.


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